Back in February we told you about Yahoo Buzz, a service Yahoo pushed into beta that you could easily compare to Digg. Yahoo described it as a new way for people to tell everybody what they thought was cool and in the process, help make even better. Yahoo Buzz tries to determine the best stories on the web based upon votes, emails and searches. Because it was beta when it launched, they were allowing news articles from a limited list of 100 pre-approved news publishers to be buzzed up. Eventually the list grew, but it was still limiting.

Yahoo! Buzz.png

It’s been about six months since Yahoo Buzz launched and now Yahoo has decided to “open-up” Buzz meaning users can Buzz up articles they find from any publisher on the web, if those publishers include a Buzz up! button. This is good news for publishers because those who have already experienced a “Yahoo! Buzz Effect” have talked about the surge in traffic they experienced once Yahoo placed an article on their homepage. TechCrunch said that one of their articles making it to one of the bottom links in the Yahoo Buzz section resulted in their highest traffic day ever.

Content that people can Buzz Up include stories, photos, and video, you just have to look for sites that include the Buzz Up button. This leads us to a question for you guys. Have you gotten in to using Yahoo Buzz or are you more comfortable sticking with the originals like Reddit and Digg or even StumbleUpon and We’re still contemplating whether a Buzz Up button would be something worth adding to CyberNet.

Source: Yodel Anecdotal