Do you yahooThe question of the day is, how could Yahoo improve? Every company no matter how big or small has room and opportunity for improvement. In Yahoo’s situation, they once stood king of the hill, only to be pushed down by Google. Just this week, Yahoo stock hit a three-year low, the lowest since 2004. Coincidently this week, Yahoo’s new President, Susan Decker purchased $1.1 million worth of company shares. According to InsiderScore analysts, this makes her purchase the largest by any “Yahoo insider in more than four years.”

So now this leaves me wondering, does Decker know something that we don’t? Maybe she’s got plans that will help Yahoo compete with Google? Or, maybe she was just trying to help give Yahoo stock a boost? Afterall, following her purchase, Yahoo shares have gone up about 3.2 percent. There’s gotta be a reason for her purchase, and if it’s because she’s got a trick up her sleeve to improve Yahoo, whether you love or hate Google, what do you think? Yahoo could improve by…?

Source: CNN Money