Yahoo has decided to step away from their popular Widget Engine for just a minute, and create a gadget specifically for Windows Vista. To get the job done, they contracted The Skins Factory to create a good-lookin’ widget.  They got the job done well; it’s fully animated and comes in  four  different shiny colors (glass, purple, blue, pink)! There are two different modes to this gadget, the desktop mode, and the compact Sidebar mode, the choice is yours.

Using the Yahoo Vista Widget, you can search the following:

  • Web, Shopping
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Local
  • Images
  • Video

The image below is the example from The Skins Factory. It  shows more than the four colors that Yahoo actually went with for the final version, and also gives an example of the sidebar widget, and the desktop version.  They mentioned that at some point, a special edition version could possibly be released with all of the colors shown below:


Remember, this new Yahoo Search Gadget is for Windows Vista only.  It’s interesting to see Yahoo embrace Vista and cater some of their services just to Vista users.One of the biggest examples of this is the Messenger that Yahoo designed specifically for Vista. It was designed from the ground up, and is expected for a release in the 2nd quarter of this year. Although, it only makes sense that they do cater to Vista simply because a good portion of market will eventually be using it.

You can get the Yahoo Windows Vista Gadget here. Because these Gadgets can be designed by anyone, it’ll definitely be interesting to see what other companies decide to get in on Vista and create a gadget of their own.