Who’s the greenest? That’s the question that Yahoo is asking.  Tech companies have been taking big steps forward to help the environment, and it appears as though a green-trend has started as more and more people get involved. The latest green project that we wrote about was Google’s solar-power project, and now Yahoo is taking their own route to help in the form of a contest.

It’s Yahoo’s “national call-to-action” and they’re out to find the greenest city in America.  The city that wins the title will receive an entire fleet of hybrid taxis, which by the way, are already popping up in cities across the US like New York. From the pictures, it looks like they’re going with a Hybrid SUV, which is a little surprising, but only because there are standard cars that get better mileage than the Hybrid SUV. In terms of SUVs though, it’s a huge improvement.


There are a few ways that you can get involved in the contest:

  1. “Take the green pledge” – Select from a list (pictured below) different ways that you can lower your CO2 emissions. IE: Make sure your walls and ceilings are well-insulated
  2. Share your knowledge on Yahoo Answers – earn credits by answering questions in the “environment category.”
  3. Use your mobile phone – search eco-friendly terms (organic food, bike, ride share, etc.) on your mobile phone and earn credits.


By participating in the contest, you’ll automatically get a free compact fluorescent light bulb. Each way that you participate earns you credits, and after you’ve accrued 500 credits, you’ll get another free CFL.

To go along with this contest, they’ve launched a brand new site called Yahoo! Green.  It was designed to be the place to go when you’re looking for any topic related to bettering the planet. There you’ll find gas savings tips, ways to better the planet, and opportunities to meet other people online who are striving to be green too.

So, if you’d like to see a Yahoo themed hybrid taxi driving around your town, or you just want a free compact fluorescent light bulb, go check-out Yahoo! Green.