Yahoo Anti-Phishing Login Yahoo now has a new anti-phishing mechanism that should prove to be a very effective solution. What they have setup is a way for you to customize what your login will look like. If you want to do something simple you can just enter some text, like I did, and customize the color of the seal. If you really want something unique you can always upload an image from your computer.

The downside to this is that you won’t be “protected” if you are using a public machine. The seal is saved on your computer and is not attached to your Yahoo account. This makes it nearly impossible for someone to retrieve your seal but also means you will have to set this up on every computer that you use.

I love this idea and I wish other companies, especially eBay, would do something similar. There are so many phishing scams that go on each day and it would be much more obvious for you to recognize them with something like this in place. I give some props to the people at Yahoo who thought this one up.

News Source: BetaNews