Yahoo is responding to Google’s co-op, a platform that allows you to customize your search experience by introducing Yahoo! Alpha – in beta. Much like Google’s version, Yahoo Alpha will enable you to create your very own personalized search engine homepage.

Using a drag-n-drop interface (think NetVibes), users are able to create their search engine page. If you visit the new Alpha site, you’ll notice that it searches Yahoo, but also provides search results from services like Flickr photos, Yahoo!7 Answers, YouTube, Yahoo!7 News Search, and Wikipedia.

You can even build your own search module using sites of your choice, assuming that the site provides the search results in the form of a RSS feed.


Essentially, it’s a tool that will help you perform multiple searches at one time by taking the results from the different sources and aggregating them all onto one page. While it is much like Google’s co-op, it’s also a lot like Google’s test site Searchmash, with a very similar interface(comparison above).

All in all, it’s a convenient way to search when you have an assortment of results to choose from like photos and videos.

Source: Digital Inspiration