We came across Yahoo’s announcement yesterday for their “Digg-like” site for voting on suggestions. It really didn’t seem to be anything exciting to write about, so we didn’t. Then this morning, we came across the submission for this announcement over at Digg, and as I’m writing this, there are nearly 2,988 Diggs. The title? “Yahoo Shamelessly Rips Off Digg and Brags About it,” followed by comments like:

  • “Typical corporate America: Little guy has great idea and puts it into production, big guy steals idea and says I did this then gets a raise.
  • “A replica of Digg yet it still doesn’t catch my eye and make me want to come back.
  • “Somebody needs to get fired for this.”

And to extend their loyalty to Digg, they also left about 200 comments, including many obscenities under the Yahoo Blog announcement with comments like:

  • I hope this is a sick joke.  How dare you rip off Digg. I mean, you could have at least make it look a little different! Just sad….so sad.
  • Wow, complete rip off of the Digg interface guys. Way to go! Pathetic.
  • Stealing Digg’s idea isn’t something to brag about.
  • WOW great job ripping off Digg.  I will never again go near Yahoo.

Of course, not all Diggers are as pathetic and immature as the ones that ganged up over at the Yahoo Blog. In fact, many Diggers were telling the immature ones to cut it out, because they were giving Digg a bad name. Who wants visitors from people who are going to do that kind of thing to a site? Afterall, Yahoo even gave credit to Digg, and a link back. Even if it does look somewhat like Digg, there are huge, major differences.

Yahoo’s site is merely a site for suggestions with a voting process. Voting is by no means new. People have been voting since forever. The thumbs up, thumbs down? Okay, sure that may have come from Digg, but that’s the best way I know of  for signaling yes or no.

Digg is a news site. Had Yahoo intended their version for news, sure, you could have screamed copy-cat! But, a suggestion site? They’re asking for suggestions regarding some of their sites likes Autos, Pipes, Real Estate, etc., and as for page views, they’ll get maybe a few thousand per day. 

So once again, part of the Digg Community shown through, tainting the name of Digg over what should have been a compliment. The other Diggers are left telling fellow members of their community to shut-up and sit -down while burying their heads in embarrassment. And since when did citing your source become bragging?