I have yet to test out Yahoo! Mail Beta, simply because I don’t feel I’m lacking anything with Gmail. But, incase you are loyal to Yahoo! and you’ve been keeping an eye out on their Yahoo! Mail in beta, they’ve announced some important updates and features that you might be interested in.

First and foremost, they’ve announced some performance updates.  After reading comments from Yahoo Mail users, speed seems to have been one of the biggest complaints.  With this release, they have worked to increase speed as well as making the switch between tabs quicker. They plan to continue to make Yahoo! Mail as fast as possible.

As far as new features, they’ve now added a weather strip, as well as a Yahoo! Calendar strip to the top of your page.  The weather shows you what your local weather is like with a high and low temp. for the day, and two days worth of weather information. If you use Yahoo! Calendar, you can set it to display in your inbox with reminders and events.

In general, with this release, they worked on decreasing the amount of bugs that have annoyed beta users. Another important step is their addition of Windows Vista to the list of supported operating systems.  Previously, Vista users were faced with a blemished site. On feature that they’re working on but have’nt mentioned much about is the integration between mail and IM.  They have yet to announce this, but it will be coming at some point.

If you use Yahoo! Mail beta, keep an eye out for these new changes/features.