Yahoo Loading You no longer have to trick Yahoo in order to test out their new Mail Beta which embraces the Web 2.0 functionality that many websites are starting to converge to. In order to activate Yahoo Mail Beta you will have to go to this site. It only takes a few clicks to start using it and I found the bouncing guy to be pretty amusing (he is displayed while your mailbox is loading).

Yahoo Mail Beta seems to run faster than when I had previously used it and works great in Firefox. It is also really nice not having to wait for a new page to load each time you are viewing another message. The tabs make it really easy to switch back and forth between viewing and composing an email. However, I just don’t feel like everything loads as quick as I would like.

I’m sure there will be a lot of people who love using it but I am still stuck on the clean, simple, and organized interface that GMail provides me. Yahoo Mail Beta will definitely be a success since Yahoo has so many users that already use their service, but I think a lot of the tech savvy people will still be addicted to GMail. Do we have anyone out there that is converting from GMail to Yahoo Mail?