YahoomailSome of you have said that you’d never have a reason to switch back to Yahoo Mail – you tried them, left them, and you’re not going back.  In May of this year, Yahoo will start unrolling unlimited email storage to all of their customers. Is that enough to go running over there? According to the recent poll that we started, probably not.

In our poll (you can still vote in the left side-bar), we are asking, how much storage do you actually use? The number one answer with 54 votes is 0–10 MB with 51–200 MB in a close second with 53 votes, and 201–500 MB in third with 51 votes.  The majority of people for this poll use between 0–200 MB of storage. They don’t need the heaps of storage that are currently offered, let alone unlimited space.

So will it really be the endless supply that will attract users? And now that Yahoo has made the move to unlimited storage, you can bet others will be quick to follow.  What will set these services apart? The only real big advantage that I can see for most people will come in the longer term, years from now in like 2020 when people are able to go back to their old email archives from 2007.

As mentioned, this expansion will start in May as Yahoo Mail is coming up on their 10 year anniversary. Yodel Anecdotal points out a few interesting stats:

  • Yahoo Mail launched 10 years ago with 4 MB of storage for each user (that wouldn’t last long today!)
  • Their total capacity for mail at that time was 200 GB for all of their customers combined
  • Now people send and receive pictures in their mail that are as big as the original 4MB offered.

Yahoo mentions that they will be introducing this slowly over several months to make sure the process is smooth. The only way I could see another service one-upping them at this point would be to offer unlimited attachment size.  So far I haven’t read anything about Yahoo increasing their allowance for attachment sizes with the increase in storage space.

Good move for Yahoo, but will it make that big of a difference? With that, who will be next to jump the gun and offer unlimited space?

Source: Thanks CoryC!

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  1. The jump from 200MB to 2 Gigs was significant…For most people 2 Gigs is equivalent to unlimited.

    I think its cool of Yahoo!…but only a tiny percentage of power e-mail users will be jumping for joy.

    I think GMail has to follow, even if only for marketing purposes.

  2. I use GMail, but I don’t really use my space effectively; I just use it over, say Windows Live (or whatever it’s now called) because it’s so much quicker.

  3. Mr. Rossini hit the nail on the head:

    For most people 2 Gigs is equivalent to unlimited.

    There is now way Yahoo! can deliver on their promise of unlimited email storage. There is no such thing. There is a finite amount of data storage on the planet. However, they realize that most people use a very, very small percentage of the total allocated storage space and only a few power users use a large amount of space. Knowing this, they can advertise unlimited storage.

    Google could actually advertise “unlimited storage” in the same way if they wanted to; they certainly have the server capacity; however, no one will ever really get “unlimited” space.

  4. I agree that it is just a marketing scheme, but it is a good one. Think about how many people have no concept of what 1GB really means. If someone is told that they never have to worry about running out of space because storage is unlimited, I think that will attract a lot of new email users rather than saying they have 3GB or even 20GB.

    “Unlimited” is an attention getter and is a keyword that a lot of people look for when picking out things…such as Internet service. If someone offered 100 terabytes of bandwidth on your Internet service plan, and someone else offered “unlimited” for the same price, almost everyone would rather go with the unlimited. It’s not that you’ll run out with the 100 terabytes, but it is just nice to know that you never have to think about the limitation.

  5. This is funny. You were hoping Gmail would lift the limit off mail storage but the reality is just the opposite. Y! mail beat ya to it.

    I agree that for most, myself included, the current 1-2GB really is essentially the same as unlimited. This is why I can’t understand those who claim this kills the incentive of buying a Plus account. However, it’s cool to know that you can never run out of storage, nomatter how hard you try. I still do occasionally get an auto response from people saying their storage quota is full. I guess these will be a thing of the past. I think it will be cool to have unlimited storage, but more for peace of mind and bragging rights than any actual enhancement. There is a slight chance people start using massive storage amounts just for the sake of it, and this move has to be reversed.

    Yahoo! mail is strong and moving in the right direction!

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