This is definitely Yahoo Mail’s week to shine.  First they decided to offer their customers “unlimited” mail storage earlier this week, and now they’ve announced that they’re opening up their API for users to tinker around with.

Depending on the type of account that you have with Yahoo Mail, you’ll be offered different access.  If you’re an ordinary Yahoo Mail user, the API will include methods for listings folders, moving messages, listing messages etc.  If you’re a Premium Account Holder (you have to pay), you’ll have access to message text, attachments, the message search feature, etc.

Premium account holders who use the API to create cool apps which then draw in new premium users will be offered monetary compensation – $10.00 per app according to CNet. Now web developers will have the chance to get creative and design new applications to make the experience even better.


One of the first mashups that used the Yahoo Mail API came out of Yahoo’s Hack day last year.  The mashup allows users to send postcards via Flickr.  Using a Greasemonkey script and the Yahoo Mail API, they were able to create a “send postcard” feature in Flickr. The image above shows what the “send postcard” feature looks like in Flickr, and the image below shows what the postcard looks like when the recipient receives it.


If you’d like to see how it was created, Leah Culver explains in this video:

This opens up a lot of doors with a lot of potential.  Yahoo is hoping this will draw attention, and a wide variety of third-party add-ons will be available from it to entice more people to come over to Yahoo mail.