Back in December, Yahoo released a preview release of Yahoo Messenger for Vista. That preview release affirmed to us that this special version just for Vista actually was coming and they hadn’t forgotten about it. At that point, it was just a preview and nothing more. The good news today is that Yahoo Messenger for Vista is finally headed for Beta. Sometime today Yahoo will be announcing that their beta version of this messenger will be coming sometime in the 2nd quarter this year which makes the release window between April and June.

What makes this version special to Vista is that the interface takes advantage of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and the Vista sidebar. New features that we can expect with the beta launch include Voice Visualizations. Ina Fried over at CNET says to “Think of the visualizations in iTunes or another jukebox and you have the basic idea.” They’ve also incorporated voice messaging which means you can leave messages PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone. There will also be the option to send SMS messages.

It sure would be nice if more applications took advantaged of all that Vista has to offer in terms of graphics. Even Microsoft doesn’t have a version of Windows Live Messenger just for their Vista users that takes advantage of the sidebar or WPF which is surprising. You’d think they’d be the first to launch applications for Vista seeing as they developed the technology in the first place!