Yahoo Music Engine Now Yahoo Music Jukebox

The ever popular Yahoo! Music Engine has been given a new name, Yahoo! Music Jukebox and some upgrades. The new version is a combination of Yahoo Music Engine and Musicmatch Jukebox. Highlights of the new upgraded version mentioned in their press release are: – New Audio Equalizer: A new 5-band equalizer allows users to adjust the sound of their favorite music in a convenient fashion. – Usability Enhancements: An overall new look of Yahoo! Music Jukebox has made key functions more accessible through consistent right click and tick menus. Users can quickly play a selection of an artist’s top tracks with just one click. The improved application makes moving the Yahoo! Music catalog – to a users’ music collection – to Messenger Music and back again for a seamless experience. – Shared Playlist Improvements: Playlists created using the Yahoo! Music Jukebox will be automatically stored for users to access from any PC. In addition, searching for playlists becomes more efficient to help users find other music fans with similar tastes and preferences. – Introduction of Yahoo Music Jukebox Plus – For a premium fee of $19.99 consumers can enhance their music experience with:
  • Audio Boost – Optimize the sound quality of your imported music files to enjoy them at the highest fidelity.
  • Enhanced CD Ripping & Burning Ability: Maximum ripping and burning speeds for audiophiles.
  • SmartSplit: When users want to burn a large number of tracks, SmartSplit automatically organizes multiple tracks for users across as many CDs as necessary.
  • CD Label Creation: Users can create fun and exciting CD labels for their newly burned discs using a very simple program.

And of course, basic services are free unless you want the Plus version for the $19.99 mentioned above. Download Squad has pointed out this is a one time fee, but there are some disappointments with it. Plus subscribers will have to be $0.99 for each track they purchase. Plus, the ‘one-time’ fee really isn’t a one time deal if you plan on upgrading to newer versions as they’re released. Apparently the plus version means you only receive access to version 2.0. With that minor disappointment set aside, the new Yahoo! Music Jukebox appears to be a good combination of both Musicmatch Jukebox and Yahoo! Music Engine. You can find the download here.