Yahoo MyWeb Get's A Facelift

So I was just over at DownloadSquad and they pointed out that Yahoo MyWeb has gotten a little facelift. This new MyWeb is currently in the Beta stage but it is put together much better than MyWeb 2.0 was. I’ll admit that I do not use Yahoo MyWeb but the site is very well organized and stocked full with features.

Towards the top of the screen you will notice a “Top Tags” section that will tell you what the hot topics are today. A bulk of the homepage is the “Interesting Today” section that shows you some of the more popular and recently tagged sites. When I went to the site I thought it was funny because one of our articles was on the page just a few spots down from the top. I highlighted it in the photo above and I thought it would be nice to thank Greg Rucker for bookmarking the article, along with everyone else that has bookmarked the article.

While the new look is appealing I think that the new Yahoo MyWeb will still have a tough time competing with Then again it probably doesn’t matter if Yahoo can compete with since Yahoo owns them! Why does one company need two social bookmarking services?