MixdYahoo has decided to ditch their mobile service pilot program called Mixd just a few months after it started.  It was geared towards the younger crowd, but apparently didn’t latch on like they expected.  In fact, the service ended over a week ago, yet no one noticed until yesterday.  That ought to say something right there.

According to the Mixd site, they say that they learned a lot, and that you can expect to see other great mobile products from Yahoo! in the future. Perhaps they’ll focus on a different demographic with future products?

Because it catered to the younger crowd who can text faster than a speeding bullet, it was a “trendy” way to create groups to text and share photos within.

Apparently the competition like Dodgeball and Twitter are one step ahead of the game and not worth competing with. Or maybe Yahoo has something bigger and better up its’ sleeve? 

So far they haven’t had much luck with their mobile services, but it’s nice to see that they’re experimenting with their options. First the Yahoo ring-tones download service prematurely ended, and now Mixd has been nixed.

Source: Read/Write Web