yahoo shopping

The Woot blog yesterday read something like this: "Woot Sells Out!" If you’re familiar with Woot, that could mean a handful of different things.  Their tag line is "One day, One deal" and that’s exactly what Woot is all about.  They have one item that gets put up for sale each day at a "sale" price. There’s a limited quantity of the item and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Users have to wait until the next day to find out what the next deal is. They "sell out" nearly every day, however the "sell out" that they referred to in their blog yesterday had to do with a new partnership they made with Yahoo at

Yahoo Shopping came to Woot with an idea that they could offer Yahoo shoppers a deal of the day much like what Woot does on their own site. Woot thought it was a great idea, so starting today, Yahoo has a "Deal of the Day" which is powered by Woot.  For Woot enthusiasts, this is great because the product offered on Yahoo Shopping is different than the product being offered on the Woot homepage. That’s right, there are now two opportunities to score a great Woot deal!

It sounds like a win-win situation to me. Woot will get exposed to thousands of people who are completely unfamiliar with Woot, and Yahoo is bringing something new and fresh to their Shopping page which could lure in more dedicated Yahoo shoppers. Both Yahoo and Woot users benefit as well. Yahoo users can add the deal of the day to their MyYahoo start page, and Woot users can use their same Woot login to purchase the Yahoo deal of the day at Sellout.woot!.

Now it leaves me wondering if Sellout.woot will have Woot-Off’s like the Woot site where they sell a succession of products for the day? I also find it ironic that both Woot! and Yahoo! have exclamation points in their names. Maybe it was a match made in heaven?