Today begins the day that Yahoo will be closing down Yahoo Photos, a process that will occur over several months.  When Yahoo photos originally started, Flickr hadn’t yet been acquired.  It seems like at this point, there really isn’t a need for Yahoo to maintain two photo services.

Users who have been using Yahoo Photos will be able to move their photos over to Flickr of course, but they will also have the option of moving to Shutterfly or the Kodak Gallery. called Flickr the black sheep of photo sites because it uses a different organization system, a more technical way to do it that doesn’t exactly appeal to everybody which is why they are giving other options. 


Yahoo photos has stood its own ground for quite a while, and a graph that TechCrunch posted shows that it wasn’t until recently that Flickr managed to edge out Yahoo Photos in terms of visitors.

If you use Yahoo Photos, definitely give Flickr a try. I love my Flickr account, and the organizational system is great. It takes a little bit to catch on, but not long, and in the end I think you’ll prefer it.

Microsoft/Yahoo Merger?

MicrosoftyahooIn other Yahoo news, is a Microsoft/Yahoo merger in the works? The Wall Street Journal is reporting that it appears Microsoft and Yahoo are taking a second look at a merger, one that would be able to compete with Google. A year ago, they started the talks, but nothing came of it.Mashable says that the estimated pricetag for Yahoo would be a whopping $50 billion dollars!

It makes sense, Google is taking on Microsoft with their online applications, and Yahoo and Google have always been competitors with multiple services besides the search services.

Could this be the acquisition of the year?