Yahoo has spent some time redesigning their personalized homepage, My Yahoo to give it a new Web 2.0 look and feel.  It’s a private beta for now, but will be available to more people later on, and new features are expected as well.

Several years ago I created a personalized homepage with Yahoo, which at the time was hard to come by. Everybody seems to have personalized homepages today, but back then Yahoo was on top of their game. I signed in today for the first time in years so that i could compare it with the new My Yahoo. The screenshot below shows what their previous personalized homepage looked like. Ignore the tacky theme…

Yahoo Personalized

They’ve definitely spent some time creating this new version with the updated look (screenshot below). I created a page with the new Beta Service, and here’s what really stood out:

  • The new look is easy on the eyes!
  • Customization is everywhere
  • Click and drag your mouse to place the content wherever you’d like it
  • Create new tabbed pages up at the top, and create a new look for each one.
  • Change the theme – select from different colors or textures
  • Change the layout – select from 2, 3, or 4 columns, and a large or small search box.


Just a few days ago, Netscape launched their new personalized homepage, and one thing it was lacking for me was the tabbed pages up at the top.  I’m glad Yahoo decided to do this because it makes organizing all of your content easier. 

Much like the newly-designed, they’ve added in the Ajax, as well as other design elements that make the two look a lot alike.  Towards the top they’ve placed a “share content” option so that it’s easy to share content via email, or via IM. They’ve also included the “personal assistant” like what you’d see on with quick buttons (that can be personalized) for mail, messenger, weather, etc.

A few other new features that you might enjoy:

  • MyYahoo Reader offering full text feeds.
  • Feed previews
  • Pre-built personalized page based upon data Yahoo has gathered from your Yahoo usage.
  • Interactive modules expected in the future

Overall Yahoo has done a great job of redesigning My Yahoo.  The new look is easy on the eyes, and the customization options are great. What would be nice to see, as Read/Write Web points out, is Yahoo! Widgets integrated into this.  It’s a no-brainer, and hopefully it will be added to MyYahoo soon.