Yahoo Time Capsule Yahoo! has launched a unique Time Capsule service for the world to participate and share their words, photos, videos, sounds, or drawings. There are multiple categories that you can place your item in (seen in the image to the right) depending upon the feelings that you have for it.

Most of the categories are all positive except for Anger and Sorrow, which apparently have the least amount of submissions. So I thought that I would submit one under Anger of the thing that ruffles all of our feathers…the Blue Screen of Death on Windows. :)

The upload process was just a few steps and you had to do things like enter in tags for the items. They do require the submissions to be approved and they email you once it is with a direct link to view it (took about 30 seconds to receive my approval). Sometimes the direct link that they send works for me or sometimes it hangs while loading all of the pictures, but this is the direct link to my image in case you want to try it. Alternatively you can go to the Anger category and I’m currently the first one (they put the most recent submissions first). I also tagged the image with CyberNet so you can do a search for that and it will come up as well.

I really like this idea and hopefully it will spark a lot of people to participate in it. It is only available for the next 30 days so if you want to upload something you might want to make sure you don’t forget!

Thanks for the tip Radu!