Following in the footsteps of Microsoft, Yahoo has released its beta version of Messenger 7.5 which includes new inbound and outbound calling features. These new features include being able to make calls around the globe for only a few cents per minute. Between Microsoft releasing Windows Live Messenger Beta and Yahoo Messenger Beta there could be some stiff competition rolling out for Skype. Also, for $2.50 per month you can assign your computer a real telephone number. This way you would be able to hand out a telephone number to people and when they call, it will be your computer ringing. Despite the huge advancements that have been made in Voice-Over-Messenger services, they don’t seem to have the clarity that the low priced companies such as Vonage provide. These VoIP services have excellent call quality which, so far, only seems to be rivaled by Google Talk. Come on Google, it is time to roll out the big guns now!

Download Yahoo Messenger Beta 7.5