FlickrlogoLast week I mentioned that Yahoo Photos is closing, and that there are several alternatives for replacement services. If you choose one of Yahoo’s selected services, it’s a one-click migration process. There are five different services available as alternatives, and some of them are offering incentives if you select them.

Of course Flickr is owned by Yahoo, and so obviously they’d like you to select their service. Radu, one of our readers, just switched from Yahoo Photos to a Flickr account and noticed that he had a Pro Account. After searching around for an explanation, he found this in his order history:

“June 17, 2007 – 3 months of Pro Account status fell from the sky on to You  (a gift from Flickr to say thanks!) – $0.00.”

So there’s your incentive for joining Flickr, a free Pro Account for three months which is usually priced at $24.95 per year.  A regular account offers 100 MB monthly upload limit (5MB per photo), 3 sets, and Photostream views are limited to the 200 most recent images. Compare that with a Pro account where you have unlimited uploads, storage, bandwidth, photosets, and more.

For those of you who know that Flickr is not for you, here are incentives from the other services:

  • Shutterfly: Get a free 8×8 inch photo book
  • Kodak Gallery: Get 20 free 4×6 inch prints
  • Snapfish: Get 50 free 4×6–inch prints

If free prints is what you’re looking for, Snapfish is the way to go! It appears as though Photobucket is the only one that doesn’t have any kind of incentive for switching to their service. If by chance they are and I’m just not aware of it, let us know in the comments so we can add it to the list.

Thanks for the tip Radu!