Yahoo Web Messenger
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Yahoo! refuses to be left behind in the world of online communication, so they too have launched their own Web Messenger. Their new messenger service is completely Flash based which is nice because of the cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility that it offers. It will work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and even Opera.

After logging in I noticed a small popup that announced two features of the Web messenger, which included compatibility with Windows Live Messenger (which their desktop client already offered) and message history. The message history is new according to them (I haven’t used Yahoo! messenger in awhile) and it sounds like it works just like Google’s:

IM conversations with your friends can now be saved in your Yahoo! account on Yahoo! servers. This means you can access and search your message history from any computer – just like email!  Other users may use this message history feature to save conversations with you in their accounts on Yahoo! too.

I then pulled up the “My History” page from within messenger and have to say that I’m quite pleased with how they organize it. Here is a screenshot of what the history page looks like:

Yahoo Search History
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The screenshots don’t really do the new Web Messenger justice, so you should checkout this video that Yahoo! put together. After you get done watching that you can give it a shot yourself at or even just

If you’re wondering how this will affect services like Meebo, I don’t think they have anything to worry about. The Yahoo! Web Messenger is really great, but the Meebo interface still has a warm place in my heart. :) Besides having an extremely clean appearance, Meebo makes it easy to talk with your friends on almost any chat network. While Yahoo! Messenger does work with Windows Live contacts it still leaves out both Google which I find to be quite necessary.

Source: Yodel Anecdotal