It looks like Yahoo has spent some considerable time designing an all new homepage for their Yahoo Widgets, and I must say, it looks good! They wanted to improve the experience, and that they did. They’ve also launched a new version of Yahoo! Widgets (Konfabulator) version 4.5 which has new features and some fixes. You can find the upgrade for that here.

One big change with the newly redesigned homepage is that searching is faster, and the results you get seem to be more related to what you’re actually looking for. The widget homepage also has a quick way to browse by displaying top rated widgets (like mini iTunes Remote, and iTunes Bar) as well as a list of new ones. Additional features include:

  • Rate widgets on a 1-5 star scale
  • Vote for widgets if they are “beautiful,” “useful,” or “fun”
  • More info on what each widget does so you’ll know before downloading if you want it
  • An improved comment system makes commenting and reading comments easier
  • Some widgets have been improved/more to choose from

 yahoo widget engine

Among changes with the Widgets engine is support for HTML and Flash. That means that developers are now able to code their widgets in Flash and HTML. Additionally, users will be able to use some of their Netvibes widgets as Yahoo widgets (thanks to Netvibes’ UWA) which is a nice touch. Overall, I’d say Yahoo gets two thumbs up on this one!

Source: Download Squad