new yahoo messenger A new version of Yahoo Messenger is launching today with all kinds of new features. Among the changes in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 beta are a redesigned interface. With over 94 million users, it’s an important communication tool for many people.  The changes that they’ve made will make communication among the millions of users easier, and perhaps even more enjoyable. It will also allow users to take personalization to a whole new level.

Features include:

  • Forward calls and instant messages
  • New integrated Yahoo! Address Book – add, view, edit contact list from Messenger
  • Personalize your messenger background with a new “skin”
  • Watch videos with friends — just send your friend a link to a video and an inline player will be displayed in the conversation window for you and your friend to watch at the same time
  • Share maps — meeting up with a friend? Send them a map of where you’re meeting
  • Share photos from Flickr photostream right in the IM Window

Another big feature involves emoticons.  Thanks to the “Emoticontest” that Yahoo held in June, there are several new emoticon’s.  They include “thumbs up,” “thumbs down,” “rock on,” “it wasn’t me,” “don’t want to see it,” and “hurry up.” These emoticons can now be used in your status message so that your family and friends will know your mood just from looking at the emoticon you’ve selected to display.

Overall I’d say they made some great changes, and ones that will make the Yahoo Messenger experience that much better.  The most creative change was the integration of videos into messenger by allowing you to watch a movie without needing to go to your web browser! If you’d like more info on all of the changes, Yahoo put together a great video preview which you can find here.

You know, the release of this Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 beta leaves me wondering when they’re ever going to launch Yahoo! Messenger specifically for Vista. Remember that? Back in January they launched a preview and some screenshots of what it was going to look like, and it was pretty amazing. Unfortunately the site they created for it still says “Coming Soon!”

Source: Yodel Anecdotal