Hotmail 1GB

A friend of mine, and also a trusty Hotmail user (no idea why), just noticed that his account got upgraded to 1GB of storage. I checked mine out as well and I’ve got it, too! Boy am I excited. I finally have enough room to store 3 to 4 days worth of spam that I receive at my Hotmail account!

It has been awhile since I checked into my “trusty” Hotmail and when I did the first thing that I noticed was the green bar near the Hotmail logo. It was giving me the opportunity to join Windows Live Mail Beta which is something you have to be invited to join. Why is that a big deal? Because my Hotmail account finally got upgraded to 1GB but if I update to Live Mail then I’ll receive 2GB of storage! Something doesn’t seem right there.

Those of you who got the email addresses the other day also have nothing to worry about as “javasharp” pointed out in the comments. Microsoft decided to let it slide this time but they are watching for accounts that were created for spam purposes. If you are yet to use the service I will be the first to say that it is 100% better than Hotmail but I still have all kinds of troubles using it in Firefox. Doesn’t look like anything will be pulling me away from my Gmail account. :)