There has been at least one other known spamming trick with MyBlogLog, and now there’s another.  This time, the trick will get people to join your community without your knowledge in just one click. LoveDeep Wadhwa found this trick, and here’s how it would work:

  1. Open your MyBlogLog Community page.
  2. Right click on the thumbnail image of your website
  3. Choose “Save Picture As”
  4. Don’t actually save the image, instead copy the file name that appears in the “save as” dialog (a bunch of numbers).
  5. Take the numeric part (first 12 characters) and place them in the following URL, replacing FILE_NAME with those numbers.

After completing those steps, you’d have your spam URL ready to use.  Some people have been leaving messages on other communities saying something like “Nice Blog. Recently I’ve started my own blog community. Please check it out.” And by clicking that link, you’d automatically be added to their community without consent. [Warning, by clicking you will actually be added to the CyberNet Community] For this to work, the user would have to already be logged into their MyBlogLog account. 

Clearly, a confirmation page needs to be put in place, or LoveDeep suggests (MyBlogLog name: freakitude) that it should be session based. I’m sure plenty of people are playing around with this trick, and unsuspecting people are being added to communities left and right unknowingly.

Source: Freakitude Technology and Digital Inspiration