CyberNet Edit Comments Okay, sorry about the light posting this morning but I was working on yet another new feature that Max recommended to me last night. It is probably one of the top requested features that I have had in the past as well.

The new feature this time is the ability to edit your own comments. This took a little thinking and some extra time because of security issues, which is why WordPress probably doesn’t let users edit their own comments by default. Here are the restrictions I have placed for editing the comments.

  • You can only edit your own comments, duh!
  • You have 15 minutes to edit a comment.
  • You must be logged in when commenting and when modifying the comment. If you are not logged in when you place the comment you will not be able to edit it…no exceptions.

You can see what the “Edit” link looks like from the screenshot above. I do use a cache manager to store the pages on this site so the link may appear on a comment for longer than 15 minutes but it will not work after that time (you’ll receive an error). 

Once you have modified the comment it will notify me via email about the changes. I do this for security reasons so that I can watch for any unauthorized access to changing the comments.

Again, I apologize for the light posting lately but I have been wanting to accommodate the user requested features. I think in the long run this will help build the community here.

Make sure you check out the other new features for registered users if you haven’t already seen them:

Now go on, we know you want to try out the comment editing…

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  1. Weird, because i was just thinking about this same thing this morning when i was commenting on digg.

    They only let you edit it for 2 minutes though :(

    Newho good addition, i’m sure i’ll be using it in the future :)

  2. Well, it’s great to see a website which think at the visitors not only as readers, but as “part” of the team. Using comments, we, readers, become writers in this site! I love to read it daily.

  3. Is it working okay for you guys then?

  4. As far as I can tell yes its working wonderfully :D

    Edit: woo yep it works

  5. Excellent feature. Thank you!

  6. Awesome feature to add, especially for me as I will frequently submit the comment, then realize I had mispelled words or left out something that I wanted to say.

    Thanks for adding this feature.

    Edit…It works just fine for me too. :)

  7. You do check the session, ip address, user name, and pw of the user first, I hope. ;)

  8. It is located in the administration folder which means you have to login before you can even pull up the page. That way WordPress is authenticating the user along with several other security measures that I put in place.

  9. I just noticed the ‘red’ edit as wondering, “Was that their before”? Nice features since I have this nasty habit of proof-reading after I submit a comment. Spelling isn’t a big issue for me (I ain’t a good speller) since I have Spellbound!

    Edit: Now this is funky, the edit your comment uses a different editor.

  10. Heheh, the one problem with the edit button is that it gets in the way of the All-Star image if one has a long name.

    Other than that, nice feature – I think I’ll try and get something like this into my CMS.

  11. I’ll look into what I can shorten up on that line a little bit. Thanks for letting me know.

    Also, I can’t wait to give your CMS a shot. I like playing around with new stuff :)

  12. I hope to begin beta testing in about two days time – I shall send you an email about it when I’ve finished the final coding sprint.

  13. Hey, did my comment disapper from here?

    Anyway, I noticed that when you go in to edit your comment all the code tags get converted to their ampersand equivalent.

    e.g. <a> gets converted to &lt;a&gt;

    Please check it out.

  14. I hope your comment didn’t disappear because I don’t have any record of another comment by you on this article.

    I think it does that because it is not a valid HTML to just do <a>, but I could be wrong? I don’t know why else it would be doing that because WordPress handles the code stripping.

  15. Actually I meant the a with all the attributes etc.

    Basically when I edit (I don’t know if that happens always, you can verify by trying to edit in your admin panel) it gets converted.
    This as far as I know is not default behavior. Did you code this yourself, or is it a plugin. Maybe the plugin may be converting the greater than and less than to its equivalents :?:

    I think I must have commented on another article :?

  16. It does the same thing in my Admin panel when editing a comment. This feature is pretty much a stripped down clone of the editing function that admins have so it should handle it the same way for the most part.

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