Aging Firefox Tabs

Aging is just a part of life and there is no way around it. Instead of having to age by your lonesome self you can setup your Firefox tabs to age, too! There is a new extension available called Aging Tabs and it does just that.

Just install the extension and your tabs will start aging away. There are several different options, as you can see above, that let you customize how the tabs look. In the screenshot you can also see the aged tab that I created by switching back and forth several times between the two right tabs, thus leaving that one neglected and left to grow old. However, the tab can regain its youth if you start selecting it again.

At first I kinda thought this was a “fun for awhile” extension where it would get old (no pun intended) quickly. I have been using it all morning and it surprisingly helps to filter out tabs that I shouldn’t have open anymore. If you constantly just have one or two tabs open then you probably won’t see the benefit in this, but I am constantly reading news and I’ll have around 25 tabs at the same time.

You’ll also notice the default blue color on the currently selected tab. It makes the current tab stick out so much more that I now think Mozilla should have done a similar color for the currently selected tab.

I would probably place this extension in my top 5 favorites.

Download Aging Tabs Firefox Extension