The official news from Blogger Buzz is that Blogger Beta is long gone! That’s  because the new version is out of beta and ready for you to use. Lot’s of people have been waiting for this release, and here it is. Of course with this new version comes some new features that you’ll probably find very helpful.  If you’re currently using the previous version of Blogger, you can visit and click SWITCH NOW. It will then take you through the process of migrating your account to the new Blogger.

Alright, on to the new features:

  • Private blogs – Create a blog that can be viewed only by the people you choose (via the permissions tab)
  • Labels – Apply a category label to sort by topic
  • Additional feed options – Like having a feed just for all of the comments
  • Updated Dashboard
  • Instant Publishing – no “Publishing” spinner
  • Template customization – Drag and drop elements, new font/color options etc.

I did notice that some people are having a variety of issues with the new Blogger- such as a template producing an invalid XHTML. If you’re having any trouble either making the switch or with one of the new/existing features, this Google Blogger Help Group may provide you with some answers.