If you are interested in testing AVG 7.5 Beta 1 then you can sign-up to be accepted into the beta program. Just go here and choose the option to create an account. Your email address will be turned into a username and they will send you the password. I got the email almost immediately so it doesn’t appear to be an “invite only” service.

After you get all signed up and login you’ll find that the download link is kinda hidden. The link is located in the upper-right corner of the box, as pointed to in the screenshot above.

I thought about waiting to talk about this until after I installed it, but I won’t be able to talk about it because of the terms:

By downloading and installing this beta version you confirm that you will not disclose any information – whether text or images (screenshots) – on beta testing to any third party.

The greatest thing is that they provide you with three different serial numbers for what is normally software that you have to pay for. Here are the different versions:

  • AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition (only Anti-Virus)
  • AVG Anti-Malware (Anti-Virus+Anti-Spy)
  • AVG Internet Security (Anti-Virus+Anti-Spy+Anti-Spam+Firewall)

The serial that they give you is good for one year from the time that you sign-up. I’m going to give the Internet Security suite a try to see how it handles itself.

News Source: Neowin Forums