There’s no doubt that MySpace is one of the most popular social networks out there, in fact, it’s remained as one of the top 10 visited sites on the web for quite some time now. Some MySpace users visit many times throughout the day, often spending countless hours there.  Because of that, there are hundreds of web sites dedicated to providing backgrounds, themes, and other MySpace goodies.


One of the latest tools for MySpacer’s is a download called “You Got Comments.” In a nutshell, it monitors your account for you and checks for new comments, messages, friend requests, birthdays, and event invitations.  Essentially, many of the excuses people have to check back constantly throughout the day are eliminated with “You Got Comments.”


You can customize the program by selecting the interval.  If you’d like it to check every five minutes, it will.  If you only want it to check once a day, it will.  This way you can keep up with all of the latest changes to your MySpace account.

So, if you find yourself constantly checking MySpace throughout the day, You Got Comments just might be a good solution for you.

Source: Mashable