I was disappointed, and still am, that Demonoid was shutdown. It was always my best source for BitTorrent files anywhere on the Internet. After that happened I was a straggler between the Torrent search engines. I would primarily use the Pirate Bay and MiniNova, but there wasn’t one site that really felt convenient.

YouTorrent is that site. When you perform a search it scours a dozen Bittorrent websites in real time pulling in results and displaying them on your screen. The interface is slick, searches are fast, and results can be sorted by date, name, size, seeds, peers, or engine. In the sidebar you’ll also find related searches and even top searches from the site.

Since the launch just a few days ago the site has been getting hammered with tens of thousands of visitors everyday. It looks like they have some great things planned for the future, including boolean searches (support for AND, OR and + – ) and support for more BitTorrent sites. I’m extremely grateful that this site has come along, and I’ll be using it regularly!

YouTorrent Homepage [via TorrentFreak]