for sale by owner youtorrent We wrote about the YouTorrent site a few months ago because it really stood out from the crowd. It quickly became one of my favorite torrent search engines since it gathered results from a dozen or so different sources in real-time. It definitely lacks some of the advanced search features that many of you love, but in the end I was content with what it had to offer.

TorrentFreak is now reporting that YouTorrent has placed itself up for sale. Even more interesting is that they decided to make the move to “legal torrents.” Here’s what one of the people working on the project had to say:

Due to the uncertain nature of the source and accuracy of the results returned by some engines, we have decided to reduce our engine selection to ones that claim the provision of licensed, certified content.

As it stands right now there are only seven different sites that YouTorrent is searching:,,,, WorthArchiving,, and Searching YouTorrent for something like “Windows XP” will return results completely different than other sites like

All hope may not be lost though. is a clone of YouTorrent offering a very similar interface, and actually has more features. As of right now the site is down, but that’s probably because of all the YouTorrent users flocking over there. Give it some time to recuperate and I’m sure it will be more than happy to serve as a humble home for all the YouTorrent users.

You also have to factor in that Demonoid has returned to its wonderful ways, which means more users will be using that anyway. Regardless it is sad to see YouTorrent trying to cash in so soon.