YouTube Adds New Features To Up The Competition

YouTube users might notice some new features: channels, blogging, and history viewing.

The channels feature allows users to bring similar content together to one simple place. Maryrose Dunton from YouTube described this feature very well using Chihuahuas as an example:

“Now all content creators and collectors, be it professional filmmakers, videobloggers or just people who love Chihuahuas can broadcast videos from their channel for all the world to see.”

Users can also blog about YouTube videos by pressing the “blog this” button. Currently Blogger, BlogSpot and LiveJournal blogs are supported but they are going to add more soon.

One of the coolest features, in my opinion, is the ability to view the last 100 videos that people have watched. This will really give people the opportunity to find some great videos that they may not find otherwise.

I am sure these new features are just the beginning for YouTube because other companies, like Google and Yahoo have released video services that provide some stiff competition. However, it looks like YouTube will remain one of the premier video services for right now.

News Source: BetaNews