YouTube Maintenance

Looks like YouTube is currently down for some maintenance which will probably anger many people who are looking to kill some time. At least they put up a cool logo in its place which I captured and posted above because I’m sure it won’t be up long. Does it remind you of anything? The first thing the popped into my head was Google Labs.

Google Video Stats I can’t wait to see if there are any big changes in store but, possibly by coincidence, Google just announced a few new features for Google Video. Now when you leave a comment on a video you can link directly to a time. That way it is easier for people to skip ahead in the movie and see what you’re talking about.

Google also added one of the coolest statistics features that I have seen for a video service. Now you can see how many views there were on any particular video for the previous day and it is even broken down by views via email and via embedded players. It took me a minute to figure out how to view the advanced statistics but then I saw the very tiny arrow located next to the number of views. Clicking on that link will expand the statistics so that you get a more detailed look.