YouTube is continuing their growth, and according to Alexa, they are now ranked #4 on the web. Ahead of them ranked numbers one, two, and three are Yahoo, Google, and MSN respectively. Back in November there was talk of YouTube statistics going flat after Google acquired them. After looking at the Alexa chart, it appears they’ve had some pretty steady growth all along. Despite there being a big difference between #3 (MSN), and YouTube, their growth is still exceptional.

According to Read/Write Web, around 6 months ago, YouTube had broken into the top 10 on Alexa.  They’ve had quite a bit of growth since then to overcome MySpace and Baidu (China’s popular search engine) to get to their #4 spot at present. These results were compared with Compete as well as comScore, although both of those services only measure the U.S. data.

Also remarkable is that looking at a graph with other top sites such as YouTube, MySpace, Orkut, and Baidu– YouTube is the only one that continues to climb the ranks.  The others have shown to level off, giving the impression that they are entirely saturated.

I also thought I’d take a look at some of the other competitors in the world of online video.  The graph above compares with and  What is most impressive is the steady climb that DailyMotion has had over the last 6 months. Despite this, neither of those services come close to where YouTube stands.