YouTube has just launched a service called Active Sharing as a way to get even more video views. If you decide to opt-in for the service YouTube will track which videos you have watched in the last 30–minutes and share that with other users. Your username will then appear on each video that you watch, and on your profile page there will be a list of your most recently viewed videos:

Youtube Active Sharing

To enable the Active Sharing feature on your account you’ll need to go here. At anytime you can visit that same site and opt-out the service so that your video browsing activity is no longer tracked.

I think that it is pretty smart of YouTube to start offering such a service because it might make people want to watch even more videos. I’m just glad that they made this optional so that users who wish to maintain their privacy can still do so.

They didn’t stop there either, they also launched a few other features yesterday that are worth noting:

  • Rearrange the order of your videos and favorites…I think this is pretty cool!
  • You can setup your own videos to automatically approve comments from your friends, but anyone else still needs approval.
  • Browse videos on channel pages according to the Most Recent, Most Viewed, and Most Discussed.
  • Now you can unblock users that you might have “accidentally” blocked.

Source: YouTube Blog