YouTube Remixer

I’ve been playing around this morning with two new YouTube services that launched this weekend: YouTube Mobile and Remixer. The Remixer service is something that YouTube has needed for awhile. It lets users edit their videos using a simplified interface, and also makes it easy to add special effects and transitions.

It did, however, take me a little bit to fully grasp how the Remixer works. There is a "My Videos" section on the right side that lists all of the videos that you have uploaded, and from there you can drag them over to the timeline in the bottom-left corner. By also doing this you could combine multiple videos into one, but the thing that left me puzzled was how to split just one video.

That’s where the cut button (the scissors) comes into play. By playing with the black triangles on the bar that shows the current position of the video, you are able to split a movie into multiple segments. Then you can add text boxes, borders, graphics, and even music to specific portions of the video you’re working with.

The collection of graphics currently available is horrible, but that doesn’t detract from the value of the Remixer. The main thing that people would probably want to do is add captions, borders, and transitions which will make some videos a lot easier to watch.

YouTube MobileThe next thing that YouTube launched was a Mobile site ( for watching videos. It sounded cool at first, but I quickly became disappointed when I found out that only a small amount of videos are actually available. The reason for this being that they need to convert their video catalog to the .3GP video format, and with the enormous amount of videos that have been uploaded it is no wonder why they only have a small amount available right now.

This does pose a small problem though. When pulling up the site YouTube warned me that I should have an unlimited data plan for my cellphone if I wanted to watch the videos:

YouTube Mobile is a data intensive application. We highly recommend that you upgrade to an unlimited data plan with your mobile service provider to avoid additional charges.

As we all know by now, the unlimited data plans often say that watching online videos are against the terms and could lead to the termination of your account. Maybe YouTube Mobile will be the cure for this because more users may start to complain that their account is being closed, and the cellphone providers might be forced to start upgrading their services to meet the demand.

With that being said, the new site is not only fast, but even has search capabilities to find a specific video. I hope YouTube sees how big this can become, because text messaging is a big deal these days and I could easily see people sending YouTube video links to each other over the phone. All YouTube needs to do now is get more videos on the mobile site, and make it easy for people to upload videos straight from their phone.

Source: YouTube Blog and Download Squad