youtubelogo Given the fact that Google Video has had a software based uploader for quite some time, you would have thought that YouTube could offer the same thing. They haven’t though, up until now. Just yesterday YouTube announced that there is now a multi-video uploader available for download. It’s a pretty small download and for those who have multiple videos to upload at a time, the launch of this new software will make the process of getting your videos on the web much easier and quicker. Unlike Google’s uploader, using YouTube uploader you can enter the metadata info before uploading.

There are two downsides that I can see with the new desktop uploader with one of them being that YouTube has set a 1GB limit. Some of you are thinking to yourselves “wait a second, isn’t this an improvement?” and you’re right. Certainly the 1GB is a huge improvement when compared to the 100MB size limit that they previously had, but with Google Video’s uploader, there is no limit. If Google Video can offer it, certainly YouTube could as well. The other downside is that it’s currently only available for Windows, but they say that they’re working on a Mac version as well.

If you’d like to download the multi-file uploader, you’ll need to go here. Once you start using it and your videos have finished uploading, they will appear in your “MyVideos.” And because the size can be much larger, they say it could take up to 30 minutes for those larger files to appear. All in all I’d say this is something that YouTube regulars will appreciate, especially the increased 1GB storage limit. Now if only they would increase the length limit to something more than 10 minutes (maybe an hour?), I think users would be completely satisfied.

Source: Read/Write Web