YouTube is continuing their quest to promote creativity. The rumor has been floating around the Internet for quite some time now, and finally Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube has confirmed that they plan on sharing advertising revenues with users who submit original videos. Good news for inventive users, bad news for those who just post copyrighted material.

And speaking of copyrighted material, You Tube is also working on an “audio fingerprinting” technology that would help identify copyrighted material. This has become a real issue lately that needs to be dealt with.  Currently the Fox network is trying to get their hands on the user who posted unbroadcasted upsides of 24 and The Simpson’s. Hmm.. if Fox ever did get their hands on that information, I bet someone at Fox would be in some pretty deep trouble.

Details for sharing ad revenue has yet to be announced. Hurley says that they’re [YouTube] is still “working out the technology and processes involved – both for the rewards system and the video clip advertising system.” He also mentioned not to count on one big release, rather features will be rolled out one at a time over a period of few months.YouTube isn’t the first one to dive into revenue sharing.  Revver, another video upload site as well as Metacafe offer rewards for submitting great, original videos.

So, if you’ve got creativity and a video camera, you might be able to make some $$$ in the coming months with YouTube (assuming you have full copyright to the video you’re uploading).

Source: BBC