Last Tuesday, the team over at YouTube posted a blog entry that explained their new experimental personalized homepages that they were getting ready to launch. On Saturday, the new personalized homepages were made available. Here’s a quick run-through on what they’ve done:

  • Personalized recommendations based upon your previous activity
  • View the latest videos from the channels that you’re subscribed to
  • See what your friends are doing like if they’re uploading, rating, or favoriting movies under the “friend activity” section
  • New dashboard which includes stats from your inbox (how many messages if any, friend invites, received videos, etc.
  • View the number of videos you’ve uploaded, how many times they’ve been viewed, and more under the “About Your Videos” section

youtube personalized

To get access to the personalized homepage, you’ll need to go to and log in. Once logged in, just go to You’ll only have to go through the process once and then anytime you go to YouTube, you’ll be automatically forwarded to the new site. If you use YouTube regularly, I think the new changes will be welcomed.

Their goal with all of these changes is to “gauge people’s interest in having a YouTube that’s tailored to the individual.  Ultimately, we want to get you one step closer to the videos you’ll enjoy most every time you come to the site.”