YouTube Advertising Money Apparently Google’s acquisition of YouTube may have done more good than we thought? I guess there are now talks about sharing advertisement revenue with users who upload videos. You would supposedly get a portion of the advertising money that is generated only from the videos that you upload.

I started to think about how much money they would offer users and if YouTube gave you a penny ($0.01) for every view that your video got you could go on to make $10,000 for each 1,000,000 views! That is probably a little high but even if you got $0.001 for each view that would still be $1,000…all for sharing a video that you probably would have anyway!

In the top 100 videos on YouTube 95 of them have over 2 million views. The number one video has nearly 34 million views and shows us the evolution of dance. This is a must see :D :

Despite that video being 6-minutes long once I started watching it I felt compelled to finish it. It is a little bit off the technology news topic but amazingly I worked it into the story. :)

I think it would be really cool if YouTube started share a portion of the advertising revenues with the users, but I can’t imagine it would be that much money. Maybe Google has some sort of advertising campaign planned that will really bring in the big bucks?

News Source: Daily Mail