Back in January, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley confirmed plans to share revenue with users who upload original content to YouTube. At the time, he said not to expect it right away, but also not to expect one big release. Instead, the feature would be rolled out over the period of a few months.

Several sources are reporting that YouTube is now in fact ready to start rolling this feature out as soon as next week.  Revenue would be split 50/50, and users will have the option of selecting whether they want the ads at the beginning or the end of their video.

This continues YouTube’s quest to promote creativity which they thrive off of.  Recent numbers indicate just how important original, creative, non-copyrighted material is for YouTube. While many people thought they really needed the big media to stay afloat, they’ve proven that they don’t.

YouTube wouldn’t be the first online video service to split revenue with their users. Revver and Metacafe have shared the wealth with their users, and some of them have made a pretty penny off of it. The more popular your video becomes, the more money you make — which will help push the creative content.

Also keep in mind that YouTube’s filtering system is set to debut soon– perhaps “claim your content” and revenue sharing will be launched at the same time?

Source: Mashable