First it was Brazil that banned YouTube, then Turkey decided to do it, and now Thailand got in on it.

Last week after Turkey was offended by a video that insulted the founder of modern Turkey, they decided that they were going to pull the plug on one of the most popular sites on the web. They did in fact ban YouTube, but two days later they caved in and and opened it back up for the country to visit. 

Shortly after, Thailand blocked the site from people in their country.  It only lasted from Friday to Saturday, but rumor says it was because a video appeared which showed Thailand’s ex-Prime Minister Thaksin. According to Mashable,  Thaksin was removed from his role as Prime Minister by the Thai military, and the extra media attention that he was getting was the reason for the ban.

It’s amazing that countries are dealing with these issues by jumping the gun and banning them altogether.  So far, as quick as YouTube is banned, the ban is then lifted. It’s like banning YouTube is becoming a trend which just pushes more publicity to the videos that cause the ban in the first place. So, with that, which country will be next to get in on the latest trend?

Source: Thanks for the tip CoryC!