On Wednesday, a regulatory filing that Google made with the SEC revealed the details of the Google/YouTube deal. And in that deal were some unlikely recipients, many of which became instant millionaires.

First we’ll start with the obvious co-founders, Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, and Jarwed Karim.  Between the three of them, their payout totaled $700 million in Google Stock. And to think, it all started in a Menlo Park Garage two years ago, and all three of them are still in their 20’s.

Chad Hurley received Google shares worth a total of $345 million. Steven Chen received shares worth $326 million, and Jarwim Karim’s chunk was valued at $64.6 million. Sequoia Capital who backed YouTube received stocks worth around $442 million.

YouTube employees, and others with connections to YouTube  became instant millions are well including the office manager, and co-founder Chad Hurley’s parents.

Now to the un-likely recipients. How about talk show host Maury Povich who wasn’t too fond of YouTube to begin with because of the countless shows of his that were posted to YouTube over time.  He’s getting a payout because of a contribution he made to a venture capital fund managed by Sequoia Capital who dumped millions into YouTube.

When asked about his payout, Maury said “It’s like I caught lightning in a jar, I had no idea I even owned a part of YouTube.” I bet he feels different about YouTube now!

Other people that got a chunk of the payout include:

  • Electornic Arts Inc. Chariman Lawrence Probst III – 2.4 million
  • Yahoo co-found jerry Yang – $160,000
  • Netscape Communicatiosn co-founder Marc Andreessen – $120,000

There were even two schools that got a chunk:

  • Notre Dame – 18.8 million
  • University of Southern California – $14.6 Million

Of course this is the short list of people that received part of the payout.  There were many, many others with associations with YouTube or Sequoia Capital who walked away with a few extra bucks in their pocket.

Below is a graph which clearly shows YouTube’s explosive growth in 2006. They’ve definitely made a name for themselves and have a few million to show for their hard work.

Source: CNN