Zillow.com Allows Users To Search For Homes In 3D

Zillow is a real estate site that allows users to see information, such as price, on over 65 million homes. The homes do not have to be up for sale in order to be listed with information. That is why this is so great, because it is an easy way for you to find out how much your home is worth compared to the rest of your neighbors.

With the extensiveness of Internet mapping capabilities Zillow decided they need to take an extra step. Zillow now makes use of Microsoft Live’s Bird’s Eye View technology to give users a 3D view of the homes they are searching for. Unfortunately many areas do not have the ability to use this 3D view but hopefully it will evolve into a growing trend and start to expand. In the mean time you might find it fun to browse and look for those million-dollar neighborhoods.

Zillow Homepage Or Zillow 3D Home Search
News Source: TechCrunch