Zimbra has launched their Desktop Web 2.0 Application for download, and what’s special about it is that it offers both online and offline functionality which means you can work no matter where you are.

For starters, Zimbra Desktop is available for Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems, and can be used with Firefox, IE, or Safari web browsers. It provides users offline access to their selection of Ajax applications.  Currently their big feature is that you’ll have full email support, as well as access to your contacts both online and offline.

In the near future, they also plan on adding support for calendar, documents, and zimlets as well as the option to choose the folders that you want to synchronize. Zimbra Desktop is in the Alpha stage for people to evaluate it, test it, and report bugs that they come across.


Because you can use their services both online and offline, you can work no matter where you are; on the plane, in the car, wherever you might be. Many online services are going offline recently.  It’s becoming the new trend which will help those who use these services to be more productive.  There’s a whole list of them, but one you might be familiar with that we’ve mentioned before is called Scrybe.  It works similarly, and offers support both online and offline for a Calendar and Task Manager.

While Firefox 3 is still in the works, it is also said to offer offline support for web applications like Google Calendar. This is a big deal because it would give people free offline access to some of their favorite online services.

When these Web 2.0 applications can work just as well offline as online, it’s a good deal for everyone involved.  Zimbra says that they haven’t set prices yet for this Desktop application but eventually, there will be a price. The download links are found here (you’ll need at least 256 MB of free memory to run it), and they also have a Quick Start Guide with instructions to help you get started.

Source: TechCrunch