Zoho’s suite of online applications continues to get bigger and bigger. Just this morning they launched yet another application called Zoho Invoice to join a whole slew of other business applications like Zoho Meeting, Zoho Projects and more.

Here’s the description from their blog of what Zoho Invoice is all about:

Zoho Invoice is an online invoice generation and tracking application. It lets you create, send and track Invoices & Estimates. To create an invoice, first you add customers, define items (products or services) and then create invoices. Once you create an invoice, you have options to Email, Print or Export your invoice as a PDF.

zoho invoice 2

Anytime that I’ve needed to create an invoice for one reason or another, I’ve always used one of the templates that you can get with Microsoft Office. While that has always worked well for me, I must say that  Zoho’s Invoice service is really great because you have the option right from the screen where you create the invoice, to email it among many other features. Another welcomed feature is that you can create recurring profiles whether it’s something that happens on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and then Zoho will automatically send invoices.

zoho invoice 1

For those of you who only need to create an invoice here or there, Zoho will be a good free solution for you. Users are able to create up to five invoices per month for free. For those of you who create many invoices per month, this will be a great affordable solution. There are packages ranging from $5 per month were you can create 25 invoices, up to $35 per month where you can create up to 1500 invoices.

They made sure to make this Invoice application as complete as possible and there are many different settings that you can configure. You can even include your logo and set the tax rate for your area. There are also a variety of different templates that you can choose from and they include different ones based upon whether you’re selling a service or a product. You can also create a custom template.

I just spent the last 30 minutes or so testing out the service and my overall impression is that it’s very easy to use and includes all of the information I’d want an invoice to have. For Small Businesses, this could really come in handy, especially because of the auto-billing that you can set-up. Zoho Invoice is yet another great addition to Zoho’s collection of online productivity applications.