Zoho Office 2007 Plug-in

Coincidentally Zoho just released a plug-in that almost does what many of us were talking about in the comments yesterday on the Google Spreadsheets post. The plug-in is for Microsoft Office and will allow you to save and open your Microsoft Word/Excel documents to Zoho from within the application itself. So you could look at Zoho almost as being another storage spot on your hard drive.

They also have a program from Desktopize that will make Zoho feel even more like a desktop application. It will provide things like shortcuts on your desktop, drag-and-drop uploads, and system tray icons so that your files will be easily accessible without that hassle of fumbling through websites or opening a sluggish program.

I really love these features and think it was a very important move to put Zoho beyond their competitors. The screenshot above shows the plug-in when it is being used in Office 2007 but it also works for older versions of the Office Suite as well. Unfortunately the plug-in doesn’t work for PowerPoint but the two primary applications that I use are Word and Excel anyways, so I can live with only having those be compatible.

So are there any Google Docs users out there that are feeling pretty tempted to switch their stuff over to the world of Zoho?

Note: These are direct download links because the two downloads don’t actually have a homepage:
Download Zoho Plug-in for Microsoft Office
Download Desktopize for Zoho