Zoho’s list of products and tools continues to get longer, and today they just added another to the list. It’s called Zoho Meeting, and it will help you meet online with co-workers or friends as a web conferencing application.

It’s currently in private beta with some great features to offer, and by the time it steps out of private beta and into the public, there will be even more exciting features offered.

One of the nicest things about it is that people who are participating in the meeting will not need to install any application to be a part of it. You can also record, save, and then share the meetings for no charge, and Zoho meetings will be able to be embedded onto sites and blogs.

Zoho has also taken the opportunity to integrate some of their other services together.  For example, within Zoho Show, you can select a slide that will launch Zoho Meeting right in the presentation.  You can also use Zoho chat as part of this new Meeting product.

Below is the demo video that they have on their Blog that will give you an idea what Meeting is all about.